Spotify, kennst Du mich?

Wie liest der Musikdienst aus den Daten, die wir ihm senden, unser musikalisches Ich heraus?

Ein Artikel aus der Wired, gefunden bei Blendle.

How to move through the four stages of life.

The same thing gets us stuck at every stage: a sense of personal inadequacy.“

How to Practice Zen Koans

You don’t need a special state of mind. — There are many calm and clear states of mind, but the meditation is not about chasing after them. Meditation occurs before any states of mind become fixed.“

Zun Lee — Visual Storyteller

A mini documentary on Vimeo, via swissmiss.

You don’t need more time

Choose to make time for the work that matters. — So we can’t work more hours to be better at our job, and we can’t spend more time off to be happier. So what choice do we have? The goal is to focus on efficiency, rather than output.“

Seth Godin — The Art of Noticing, and Then Creating

A podcast from On Being“ via swissmiss.